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The transition matrix method, or T-Matrix method, is one of the most powerful and widely used tools for rigorously computing electromagnetic scattering by single and compounded particles. As a package focusing on this method, TransitionMatrices.jl provides the following features:

  • Calculate the T-Matrix of various types of scatterers
    • Homogeneous spheres (via bhmie)
    • Coated spheres (via bhcoat)
    • Homogeneous axisymmetric shapes (via EBCM and IITM)
      • Spheroids
      • Cylinders
      • Chebyshev particles
    • Arbitrary shapes (via IITM)
      • Prisms
  • Calculate far-field scattering properties using the T-Matrix
    • Cross sections and single scattering albedo (SSA)
    • Amplitude scattering matrix
    • Phase matrix
    • Scattering matrix

Compared to existing packages, TransitionMatrices.jl is special in that it is generic and supports various floating-point types, e.g.:

By using higher-precision floating-point types, the maximum size parameter that can be handled is greatly improved.