Julia implementation of the Taylor-Fourier Transform (TFT)
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TaylorFourierTransform.jl is a Julia package for Taylor-Fourier transform. Similar to the Fourier transform, a Taylor-Fourier transform enables decomposing a time-variant function into its corresponding temporal frequency components. However, contrary to the Fourier transform, the Taylor-Fourier transform does not require the input signal to be periodic, rather approximates it aperiodicity through a Taylor polynomial. Consequently, the resulting frequency components are called dynamic phasors, rather than, as for the Fourier transform, simply phasors.


The latest stable release of TaylorFourierTransform.jl can be installed using the Julia package manager:

(v1.6) pkg> add TaylorFourierTransform

This package supports Julia v1.6 and later.

In order to test whether the package works, run:

(v1.6) pkg> test TaylorFourierTransform


The primary developers are:


This code is provided under a BSD license.

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