Neural networks and neural operators for physics-informed machine learning
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Sophon.jl provides specialized neural networks and neural operators for Physics-informed machine learning.

Use the documentation to explore the features.

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To install Sophon, please open Julia's interactive session (REPL) and press ] key in the REPL to use the package mode, then type the following command

pkg> add Sophon


Function Fitting Multi-scale Poisson Equation Convection Equation Helmholtz Equation
Allen-Cahn Equation Schrödinger Equation L-shaped Domain SOD Shock Tube


More examples can be found in Sophon-Examples

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What's the difference between this package and NeuralPDE.jl?

The biggest difference is the explicit control over data sampling. Note that we have an example of an L-shape domain, and there is an example of a disk with a hole in this file.