Examples of how to use the modeling capabilities developed under the Scalable Integrated Infrastructure Planning Initiative at NREL.
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This package contains examples and tutorials for Scalable Integrated Infrastructure Planning (SIIP) packages developed at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). This repository uses a template established by JuMPTutorials.jl.

The examples included here are intended as practical examples of using SIIP packages. However, in many cases users may find the documentation pages for each package more informative:

Run Notebooks in the Browser


To try out any of the tutorials in the browser without downloading Julia, click on the launch binder button above. Note that this functionality only supports open-source solvers which do not have additional requirements (for e.g. BLAS or MATLAB). This is also very slow and can take several minutes to start as it has to first install Julia and all the dependencies. Thus, you should download and run the notebooks on your local machine for the best experience.

Run Notebooks on your local computer


To get started running the Jupyter notebooks included in this package, you can follow the process in this video demonstrating the following steps:

  1. Install SIIPExamples: using Pkg; Pkg.add("SIIPExamples")
  2. Launch a notebook server for any of the example categories (JuliaExamples, PSYExamples, PSIExamples, PSDExamples): notebook(PSYExamples)

Table of Contents


On occasion, you may have constructed a System using PowerSystemsCaseBuilder.jl that needs to be reconstructed. In this case, you may receive an error such as:

ERROR: UndefVarError: PowerSystems.ReserveUp not defined

To resolve this issue, you can purge the serialized system data from your PowerSystemsCaseBuilder.jl instance by running:

using PowerSystemCaseBuilder