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From the Julia General Registry:

julia> ]  # enters the pkg interface
pkg> add ScrapeSEC
julia> using Pkg; Pkg.add("ScrapeSEC")

From source:

julia> ]  # enters the pkg interface
pkg> add


Download filing metadata for 2020-2022 from the SEC archives.

using ScrapeSEC
download_metadata_files(2020, 2022)

Download 10-K, 8-K, and 10-Q metadata, filings for 2020-2022

using ScrapeSEC
download_filings(2020, 2022; filing_types=["10-K", "8-K", "10-Q"])

Download filing metadata for 2020-2022, create a main index file, and download 10-Ks using the combined index file

using ScrapeSEC
download_metadata_files(2020, 2022)
download_filings("./metadata/main_idx.tsv"; filing_types=["10-K", ])

Download filings from a vector of filenames

using CSV
using DataFrames
using ScrapeSEC
df = CSV.File(metadata_file, delim = "|") |> DataFrame


IF you use ScrapeSEC.jl as part of your research, teaching, or other activities, we would be grateful if you could cite our work.

  author = {Tyler Thomas}
  title = {ScrapeSEC.jl}
  year = {2023}
  url = {}

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