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ReTest is a testing framework for Julia allowing:

  1. Defining tests in source files, whose execution is deferred and triggered on demand.

    This is useful when one likes to have definitions of methods and corresponding tests close to each other. This is also useful for code which is not (yet) organized as a package, and where one doesn't want to maintain a separate set of files for tests.

  2. Filtering run testsets with a Regex, which is matched against the descriptions of testsets.

    This is useful for running only part of the test suite of a package. For example, if you made a change related to addition, and included "addition" in the description of the corresponding testsets, you can easily run only these tests.

    Note that a pull request exists in the Julia repository to implement regex-filtering for Test.@testset.

A couple more features are also enabled, like shuffling the order in which the testsets are run, or running testsets in parallel (via Distributed).

ReTest is mostly backward-compatible with Test, i.e. minimal change to test files is necessary in order to switch to ReTest; it's often even possible to use ReTest features without changing a line, e.g. on Julia's Base/stdlib tests.

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