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REoptLite Julia package [DEPRECATED. PLEASE USE REopt.jl]

This package is currently under development and only has a subset of capabilities of the REopt Lite model used in the REopt Lite API. For example, the CHP model and thermal loads are not yet modeled in this code. However this code is easier to use than the API (only dependencies are Julia and a solver) and has a novel model for uncertain outages.

Note: this package has been tested with Julia 1.4, 1.5, and 1.6 and may not be compatible with older versions.

For more information please see the documentation:

Uncertain outages

The full details of the model will be published in Laws et al. 2021, Co-Optimizing Distributed Energy Resources for Grid-connected Benefits and Resilience Benefits Under Uncertain Grid Reliability, [Submitted]. In brief, the model is set up to minimize the maximum expected outage cost (while minimizing the lifecycle cost of energy including utility tariff costs), where the maximum is taken over outage start times, and the expectation is taken over outage durations.

Quick Start

Evaluating only PV and Storage requires a linear program solver. Adding a generator and/or multiple outages makes the problem mixed-integer linear, and thus requires a MILP solver. See for a list of solvers. The REopt Lite package has been tested with Xpress, Cbc and CPLEX.


using Xpress
using JuMP
using REoptLite

m = Model(Xpress.Optimizer)
results = run_reopt(m, "path/to/scenario.json")

See the test/scenarios directory for examples of scenario.json.

For more details see the documentation.

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