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This module aims to solve multistage stochastic problems by randomized versions of the progressive hedging algorithm. It comes with the companion paper "Randomized Progressive Hedging methods for Multi-stage Stochastic Programming" published in the journal Annals of Operations Research.

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The package is installed with the following command:

]add RandomizedProgressiveHedging.jl

GLPK and Ipopt are installed along as default solvers. Other solvers can of course be used, see JuMP doc. for installation and example/ scripts for use of the Juniper and Mosek solvers. If you don't have them already, simply ]add Juniper Mosek MosekTools.


Many example scripts are available in the example/ folder. A good place to start is:

For distributed solve on local machine, launch e.g. julia as julia -p 3 for 2 workers and a master thread. On a cluster, add workers with the package Distributed either addprocs on ssh connection, or use an adapted cluster manager.


Gilles Bareilles
Yassine Laguel
Dmitry Grischenko
Franck Iutzeler
Jérôme Malick


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