Unified framework of quantification and unfolding algorithms
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QUnfold.jl - algorithms for quantification and unfolding

This Julia package implements our unified framework of quantification and unfolding algorithms.

Quick start

A detailed documentation is available online.

using QUnfold, ScikitLearn
@sk_import ensemble: RandomForestClassifier

# X_trn, y_trn = my_training_data(...)

acc = ACC( # a scikit-learn classifier is needed
    RandomForestClassifier(oob_score=true) # we recommend bagging with oob_score=true
trained_acc = fit(acc, X_trn, y_trn) # fit returns a trained COPY

# X_tst = my_testing_data(...)

p_est = predict(trained_acc, X_tst) # return a prevalence vector

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