A universal document authoring package for Julia.
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A universal document authoring package for Julia.

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Currently this package should be regarded as experimental --- a proving ground for new features for the Julia documentation ecosystem rather than a mature and proven piece of software. If you need a solution that will definitely work, look at Documenter.jl instead.

This is a package for Julia that provides a general framework for writing prose --- technical documentation is its focus, though it is general enough to be applied to any kind of written document.

Some standout features:

  • built-in live server to view your changes in real-time,
  • uses a fully-compliant commonmark parser, CommonMark.jl,
  • produces HTML and PDF files natively, no LaTeX dependencies to manage yourself,
  • publication-quality PDF generation uses tectonic for self-contained, reproducible builds,
  • combine markdown files, Jupyter notebooks, and Julia files for your content,
  • supports themes to customise both HTML and PDF output,
  • and declarative configuration built on top of Julia's Pkg.jl package manager.

Publish can scale from single pages all the way to large cross-referenced multi-project documents.

To jump straight in and begin using Publish run the following in your Julia REPL:

pkg> add Publish

julia> using Publish

julia> serve(Publish)
✓ LiveServer listening on http://localhost:8000/ ...
  (use CTRL+C to shut down)

The above will install Publish, import it, and then start up a local web-server for Publish's own documentation --- the content you're reading right now. Open the link in your web browser and then continue on to the next section, Getting Started.