A package to plot shapefiles with Julia.
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Note: This package is now updated for Julia v1.

A package to plot shapefiles with Julia.

The package started by copying the method shared by Keno Fischer here and then extended to catering for each of the different types of shapefile (polygons, polylines, points, multipoints and their variants but does not currently support the Multipatch type) as well as overlaying the image onto a Google map.

There are three main functions - with methods described in the demo:

  • plotshape() - for basic plotting of each type of shapefiles as well as layering different shapefile plots
  • choropleth() - for plotting a choropleth with polygon shapefiles
  • google_overlay() - for overlaying the shape plot onto a Google map image fetched from their static map API

The package is now registered. So to install, run the following command in the Pkg REPL mode (accessed by entering ] from the main REPL):

(v1.1) pkg> add PlotShapefiles

Demo / Documentation

A detailed demo describing the functionality and creating the example images below is available:

  1. here as an html file , or
  2. here as an ipynb file that you can run in Jupyter (all the files needed are contained in the repository)

Examples of outputs.