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This is a meta package which re-exports several Julia packages developed and maintained by the WIAS research group Numerical Mathematics and Scientific Computing and various coauthors, inspired by pdelib which was implemented in C++ and python.

The final workflow for maintaining this meta package has not yet been established. Currently, it is advisable to add the packages listed below one-by-one.

Packages re-exported

Packages associated

  • PlutoVista.jl: Backend for using GridVisualize.jl in Pluto notebooks based on Plotly.js and vtk.js
  • VoronoiFVMDiffEq.jl: glue package for using VoronoiFVM.jl together with DifferentialEquations.jl
  • GridVisualizeTools.jl: some tools for GridVisualize.jl and PlutoVista.jl

Additional packages maintained

Not part of PDELib.jl, but maintained as part of the project:

Documentation and examples

Some examples are collected in the examples subdirectory.

More up-to-date examples and documentation are found in the respective package repositories, mainly in