A library for visualizing and animating PDDL domains.
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A library for visualizing, animating, and interacting with PDDL domains, built on top of Makie.jl.


Press ] at the Julia REPL to enter the package manager, then install this package along with PDDL and a Makie backend of your choice (e.g. GLMakie):

add PDDLViz
add PDDL GLMakie

To install the development version, replace PDDLViz above with https://github.com/JuliaPlanners/PDDLViz.jl.git.


PDDLViz.jl provides a number of built-in renderer types for certain classes of domains, such as GridworldRenderer or GraphworldRenderer. Each renderer can be customized for a specific domain by passing in options to its constructor:

using PDDLViz, GLMakie

# Construct gridworld renderer
gem_colors = PDDLViz.colorschemes[:vibrant]
renderer = GridworldRenderer(
    resolution = (600, 700),
    agent_renderer = (d, s) -> HumanGraphic(color=:black),
    obj_renderers = Dict(
        :key => (d, s, o) -> KeyGraphic(
            visible=!s[Compound(:has, [o])]
        :door => (d, s, o) -> LockedDoorGraphic(
            visible=s[Compound(:locked, [o])]
        :gem => (d, s, o) -> GemGraphic(
            visible=!s[Compound(:has, [o])],
            color=gem_colors[parse(Int, string(o.name)[end])]
    show_inventory = true,
    inventory_fns = [(d, s, o) -> s[Compound(:has, [o])]],
    inventory_types = [:item]

A renderer can then be used to render PDDL states:

using PDDL, PlanningDomains

# Load example gridworld domain and problem
domain = load_domain(:doors_keys_gems)
problem = load_problem(:doors_keys_gems, 3)

# Load array extension to PDDL

# Construct initial state from domain and problem
state = initstate(domain, problem)

# Render initial state
canvas = renderer(domain, state)

# Save rendered canvas to file
save("gridworld.png", canvas)

The rendered image is below:

Example gridworld rendered by PDDLViz.jl

Renderers can also be used to create animations as well:

Example gridworld trajectory animated by PDDLViz.jl

See test/gridworld/test.jl for examples of how to render plans, trajectories and planner solutions, how to animate trajectories, and how to enable interactive controls.

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