๐ŸŽฒ Parameter estimation for Oceananigans using EnsembleKalmanProcesses
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A Julia package that leverages Oceananigans.jl and EnsembleKalmanProcesses.jl to calibrate ocean turbulence parametrizations.

ParameterEstimocean.jl is developed by the Climate Modeling Alliance and heroic external collaborators.

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To install, use Julia's built-in package manager (accessed by pressing ] in the Julia REPL command prompt) to add the package and also to instantiate/build all the required dependencies. To install the latest tagged version of the package, use

julia> ]
(v1.6) pkg> add ParameterEstimocean
(v1.6) pkg> instantiate

Alternatively, if you'd like to be in the cutting-edge of the package's latest developments you may install the version on the #main branch (or any other branch or commit), e.g.

julia> ]
(v1.6) pkg> add ParameterEstimocean#main
(v1.6) pkg> instantiate


The code is citable via zenodo. Please cite as:

Adeline Hillier, Gregory L. Wagner, and Navid C. Constantinou. (2022). CliMA/ParameterEstimocean.jl: ParameterEstimocean.jl v0.14.1 (Version v0.14.1). Zenodo.