Matlab's language functions written in Julia
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API for Matlab's language core functions

Dev Doc Project Status: Active – The project has reached a stable, usable state and is being actively developed. CI SnoopCompile


Dev Doc


Add the package

using Pkg


Use the package:

using MatLang

List of implemented Functions

Language_Fundamentals :

Sub Package
1 Entering_Commands clcM
2 Matrices_and_Arrays zerosM, onesM, randM, eyeM, trueM, falseM, diagM, catM, horzcatM, vertcatM, repelemM(limited), repmatM, linspaceM, logspaceM, meshgridM, ndgridM, freqspaceM, lengthM, sizeM, numelM, isscalarM, isvectorM, ismatrixM, isrowM, iscolumnM, isemptyM, sortM, flipM, fliplrM, flipudM, flipdimM, rot90M, transposeM, squeezeM
3 Data Types/Numeric Types doubleM, singleM, int8M, int16M, int32M, int64M, uint8M, uint16M, uint32M, uint64M

To see the full progress see this link:

The full list of the functions that will be implemented in the future can be found here or here


clone the project in your usual way, or using the following command which clones the project in .julia\dev\MatLang

] dev MatLang

cd to cloned package. if you used dev command, run the following:


Activate the package:

] activate .

Set developing variable to true in the files in test and usage folder.

developing = true

Set developing variable to false before committing (for a successful CI build).

The package uses Revise for quick testing without the need for restarting.

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