1D rainshaft driver based on Shipway and Hill 2012 for warm rain microphysics
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Kinematic 1D driver

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Installation and running instructions

Kinematic1D.jl is a Julia registered package. See the Project.toml for a full list of dependencies. When using the Kinematic1D.jl, the easiest way to obtain the package dependencies is to use the Julia built-in package manager (accessed by pressing ] in the Julia REPL):

julia --project

julia> ]
pkg> instantiate

Additional dependencies related to plotting and NetCDF output are included in the test environment. See the Pkg docs for an overview of basic package manager features.

The KiD_driver.jl inside test/experiments/KiD_driver folder is the main file for running the simulations. It accepts some command line arguments, see the --help for details.

julia --project=test/ test/experiments/KiD_driver.jl --help

An example command to run the Kid_driver.jl from terminal:

julia --color=yes --project=test test/experiments/KiD_driver/KiD_driver.jl --moisture_choice=NonEquilibriumMoisture --precipitation_choice=Precipitation1M

In addition to simulating the 1D rainshaft, Kinematic1D.jl provides tools for calibrating microphysics parameters against availabkle data. The main program for running calibrations is given inside test/experiments/calibrations folder. This program is accompanied by the config.jl file that defines all the settings for the dynamics, observations, optimization process, and parameters to be calibrated. To run calibrations of microphysics schemes by using Kinematic1D the config.jl file needs to be adjusted. Then the program can be called from terminal:

julia --color=yes --project=test test/experiments/calibrations/run_calibrations.jl