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One stop solutions for all things optimization.

How to Cite

If you use JSOSuite.jl in your work, please cite using the format given in CITATION.cff.


] add JSOSuite


using JSOSuite

# Rosenbrock
x0 = [-1.2; 1.0]
f = x -> 100 * (x[2] - x[1]^2)^2 + (x[1] - 1)^2
stats = solve(f, x0)

# Constrained problem
c = x -> [x[1] * x[2] - 1]
stats = solve(f, x0, c, [0.0], [0.0])

# Constrained problem in Float32
stats = solve(f, Float32.(x0), c, Float32[0.0], Float32[0.0])

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