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Created By: Nathanael Wong (

Developer To-Do for v1.0:

  • Testing of analysis functions
  • Comprehensive documentation and Jupyter notebook examples
  • iscaquery function series development
  • Calculations for the following variables:
    • Meridional Streamfunctions
    • Total Rainfall, Total Snowfall, Total Column Water
    • Eddy Kinetic Energy
    • Momentum and Heat Fluxes


IscaTools.jl is a Julia package that aims to streamline the following processes:

  • Management of output from the Isca GCM developed by the University of Exeter
  • Calculation of commonly-used variables (and saving back into original NetCDF output file)
  • Basic analysis of output (yearly/monthy means, etc.)

IscaTools.jl can be installed via

] add IscaTools

Of course, before using IscaTools.jl, you need to download the GCM to generate the output from:

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