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Training images for geostastical simulation in Julia.

This package converts famous training images from the geostatistcs literature to a standard format for quick experimentation in Julia. It is part of the GeoStats.jl framework and can be used in conjunction with multiple-point simulation solvers.

The author does not hold any copyright on the data. Please give credit to the sources in the table.


TI = geostatsimage(identifier)

where identifier can be any of the strings listed with the command GeoStatsImages.available()


Identifier Preview Type Data source
WalkerLake WalkerLakePreview Continuous Mariethoz & Caers, 2014
WalkerLakeTruth WalkerLakeTruthPreview Continuous Mariethoz & Caers, 2014
StoneWall StoneWallPreview Continuous Mariethoz & Caers 2014
Herten HertenPreview Continuous Mariethoz & Caers 2014
Lena LenaPreview Continuous Mariethoz & Caers 2014
StanfordV StanfordVPreview Continuous Mao & Journel 2014
Gaussian30x10 Gaussian30x10Preview Continuous Hoffimann 2020
Strebelle StrebellePreview Categorical Strebelle 2002
Ellipsoids EllipsoidsPreview Categorical Mariethoz & Caers 2014
WestCoastAfrica WestCoastAfricaPreview Categorical Mariethoz & Caers 2014
Flumy FlumyPreview Categorical Hoffimann et al 2017
Fluvsim FluvsimPreview Categorical Mariethoz & Caers, 2014
Ketton Ketton Categorical Imperial College Pore-Scale Modelling Group


St. Anthony Falls Laboratory






Contributions are very welcome, as are feature requests and suggestions.

If you have any questions, please contact our community on the gitter channel.

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