Flux reconstruction method for advection-diffusion type physics
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FluxReconstruction is a lightweight Julia implementation of the flux reconstruction method proposed by Huynh. It is built in conjunction with the SciML and Kinetic ecosystems.


FluxReconstruction is a registered package in the official Julia package registry. We recommend installing it with the built-in Julia package manager, which automatically locates a stable release and all its dependencies. From the Julia REPL, you can get in the package manager (by pressing ]) and add the package.

julia> ]
(v1.7) pkg> add FluxReconstruction


FluxReconstruction focuses on numerical solutions of transport equations. Any advection-diffusion-type equation can be solved within the framework. A partial list of current supported models include

  • advection-diffusion equation
  • Burgers equation
  • Euler equations
  • Navier-Stokes equations
  • Boltzmann equation

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