A non-linear Schrödinger equation solver for julia
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Documentation :

A non-linear Schrödinger equation solver for julia aimed towards fiber optics. (🚧 Under development)


The FiberNlse.jl package simulates the propagation of an optical field envelope signal of duration T in an optical fiber of length L. The chromatic dispersion (D) and SPM (self-phase modulation) (γ) wich arises from Kerr non-linearity are taken as parameters.

The core of the simulation consists in the integration of the Non-Linear Schrödinger Equation with the desired signal as initial condition. The package uses the Fourier Split-Step Method algorithm.


To install you can simply type :

] add FiberNlse

in your julia terminal or clone this repository and include the src/FiberNlse.jl file in your project.


  • Implement Split-Step Method
  • Register DOI
  • Document code
  • Setup continuous integration
  • Add progress bar option
  • Add non constant dispersion (and higher order dispersion)
  • Add Self-steepening
  • Higher order integral solver (DifferentialEquations.jl)
  • Add more non-linear processes (Raman & Brillouin scattering)


Please cite this repository if you use it to publish data in a research paper.

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