Simulation of eco-evolutionary dynamics on multi-trait networks
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EvoDynamics.jl is a package for simulating the evolutionary dynamics of species in a spatially structured environment. The package allows users to define species-specific and model-specific parameters to study various aspects of population genetics, ecology, and evolution. It is a fully agent-based model, allowing individual organisms to interact with their environment and other organisms in various ways.


Install using the following command in Julia REPL:

]add EvoDynamics


Any contribution to EvoDynamics.jl is welcome in the following ways:

  • Modifying the code or documentation with a pull request.
  • Reporting bugs and suggestions in the issues section of the project's Github.

Previewing Documentation Edits

Modifications to the documentation can be previewed by building the documentation locally, which is made possible by a script located in docs/make.jl. The Documenter package is required and can be installed by running import Pkg; Pkg.add("Documenter") in a REPL session. Then the documentation can be built and previewed in build/ first by running julia docs/make.jl from a terminal.

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