Simple echogram displays of arbitrary matrices in Julia.
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Simple echogram images of arbitrary matrices in Julia.

Works in IJulia or any Julia development environment.

A bit like EchogramPlots.jl but generates Images instead of graphs.

A bit like imagesc in MATLAB.

Simple example

using EchogramImages

EK60 example

A useful companion to the SimradEK60.jl package.

using EchogramImages
using SimradEK60TestData
using SimradEK60
ps =collect(pings(EK60_SAMPLE));
ps38 = [p for p in ps if p.frequency == 38000];
Sv38 = Sv(ps38);
img = imagesc(Sv38,vmin=-95,vmax=-50)

You can also use other color schemes

using ColorSchemes
img = imagesc(Sv38,cmap=ColorSchemes.plasma)


My thanks to Tim Holy for sample code.

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