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A small library for generating color brewer color palettes. For more information on color brewer, see http://colorbrewer2.org/.


The color brewer palette collection was originally designed for maps, but is also useful for quickly generating nice colors for any kind of plot.


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The module contains one function, palette, which takes a scheme name and an integer for the number of colors in the palette. It returns an array of RGB values, which are defined in the ColorTypes.jl package.

For example, to obtain a five color sequential green scheme, call

    using ColorBrewer

    greens = palette("Greens", 5);

Pretty simple stuff.

It can drop right into Gadfly plots.

    using Gadfly

    p = plot([x -> sin(n*x) for n in 1:3], 0, 25, 


If the palette function is passed an invalid scheme or number of colors, it throws an ArgumentError.

The schemes are broken up into three categories based on the type of data you want to show: sequential, diverging, and qualitative.

All sequential color schemes can have between 3 and 9 colors. The available sequential color schemes are:

Name Example
Blues Blues
Oranges Oranges
Greens Greens
Reds Reds
Purples Purples
Greys Greys
OrRd OrRd
GnBu GnBu
PuBu PuBu
PuRd PuRd
BuPu BuPu
BuGn BuGn
YlGn YlGn
RdPu RdPu
YlOrBr YlOrBr
YlGnBu YlGnBu
YlOrRd YlOrRd
PuBuGn PuBuGn

All diverging color schemes can have between 3 and 11 colors. The available diverging color schemes are:

Name Example
Spectral Spectral
RdYlGn RdYlGn
RdBu RdBu
RdYlBu RdYlBu
RdGy RdGy
PuOr PuOr

The number of colors a qualitative color scheme can have depends on the scheme. The available qualitative color schemes are:

Name Example
Set1 Set1
Set2 Set2
Set3 Set3
Accent Accent
Dark2 Dark2
Paired Paired
Pastel1 Pastel1
Pastel2 Pastel2

The Paired and Set3 schemes can have between 3 and 12 colors. The Pastel1 and Set1 schemes can have between 3 and 9 colors. The Set2, Accent, Dark2, and Pastel2 schemes can have between 3 and 8 colors.


Huge thanks to ikirill for providing the color scheme previews!