Julia implementation of MARGO, an idealized climate-economic modelling framework for Optimizing trade-offs between emissions Mitigation, Adaptation, carbon dioxide Removal, and solar Geoengineering.
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A Julia implementation of MARGO, an idealized framework for optimization of climate change control strategies.

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The MARGO model is described in full in an accompanying manuscript (not yet peer-reviewed, and currently being revised), available to all at

Try out the MARGO model by running a prototype web-app directly in your browser. You don't need to download anything – just click the Binder button and, once the tutorial loads, click on the code cells and press Enter to run them).

ClimateMARGO.jl is currently in alpha testing and basic model documentation is slowly being added. Substantial structural changes will take place before the first stable release v1.0.0. Anyone interested in helping develop the model post an Issue here or contact the lead developer Henri Drake directly (henrifdrake at, until explicit guidelines for contributing to the model are posted at a later date. formatting inspired by Oceananigans.jl

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