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This package provides data types and functions for working with B-splines as a means to approximate real functions. For its usage, see the documentation.

This package is not related to the package at https://github.com/gusl/BSplines.jl. While gusl/BSplines.jl is only compatible with Julia ≤ 0.4, this package works with Julia ≥ 1.0.


This package is compatible with Julia ≥ 1.0. It can be installed by typing

] add BSplines

in the Julia REPL.


The algorithms used for evaluating B-splines and their derivatives are adapted from the Fortran code found in Carl de Boor’s book A practical Guide to Splines [1], in particular from the subroutines BSPLVB, BSPLVD and BVALUE. This package is published with his permission.

[1] Carl de Boor, A Practical Guide to Splines, New York, N.Y.: Springer-Verlag, 1978.