Reacting Flow and Combustion Modeling Software 2.0
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Arrhenius.jl is designed with following in mind:

We are in an early-development. Expect some adventures and rough edges.


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You can start from the example of pyrolysis of JP10 (an aviation fuel power the flight) under the folder of example. It will guide you on how to implement the governing equations with a couple of lines of code. You will also learn how to use ForwardDiff.jl to differentiate the solver.

Currently, the package relies on Cantera and ReacTorch for interpreting the reaction mechanism. If you want to have a try, you don't need to install Cantera and ReacTorch, since there are already some pre-compiled reaction mechanisms under the folder of mechanism. Otherwise, you can install Cantera and ReacTorch to compile it using the python script under the folder of mechanism. You can also ask for help in the discussion forum and our developers can compile the model for you.


Note that some of the examples are in development and you can have early access by contacting Weiqi Ji

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