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Winston: 2D Plotting for Julia

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julia> Pkg.add("Winston")

Getting started

Winston offers an easy to use plot command to create figures without any fuss. After Winston is loaded by typing using Winston, the most basic plot can be created by just writing

julia> plot(x, y)

There is also an oplot command to add objects into already existing plots. To add something to this, use

julia> oplot(x2, y2)

And finally save it with

julia> savefig("figure.png")   # .eps, .pdf, & .svg are also supported

More elaborate figures can be created by using the quick option for color, line, and symbols

julia> plot(x, y, "r--")

This creates a red dashed curve. Abbreviations for colors and lines/symbols are same as in matplotlib. The plot command can also take more then one set of vectors and style options, like this

julia> plot(x, y, "b:", x2, y2, "g^")

which creates a blue dotted line and green triangles.


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