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This is a small package to visualize a graph corresponding to an abstract syntax tree (AST) of a Julia expression. It uses the TikzGraphs.jl package to do the visualization.


The package is designed to be used within the IJulia notebook.

The simplest usage is @tree <EXPRESSION>, where <EXPRESSION> represents any Julia expression, for example

@tree x^2 + y^2

which gives the following output:


See this notebook for usage examples.

Installation prerequisites

You will need to have LaTeX installed on your system, and install the pdf2svg utility; see the TikzGraphs.jl documentation for details.


  • David P. Sanders, Departamento de Física, Facultad de Ciencias, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM)


Financial support is acknowledged from DGAPA-UNAM PAPIME grants PE-105911 and PE-107114, and DGAPA-UNAM PAPIIT grant IN-117214, and from a CONACYT-Mexico sabbatical fellowship. The author thanks Alan Edelman and the Julia group for hospitality during his sabbatical visit.

In particular, he thanks Jiahao Chen, who, when asked if a package like this existed, replied "why don't you write one?".