The Statistics stdlib that ships with Julia.
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Development repository for the Statistics standard library (stdlib) that ships with Julia.

Using the development version of Statistics.jl

If you want to develop this package, do the following steps:

  • Clone the repo anywhere.
  • In line 2 of the Project.toml file (the line that begins with uuid = ...), modify the UUID, e.g. change the 107 to 207.
  • Change the current directory to the Statistics repo you just cloned and start julia with julia --project.
  • import Statistics will now load the files in the cloned repo instead of the Statistics stdlib.
  • To test your changes, simply do include("test/runtests.jl").

If you need to build Julia from source with a git checkout of Statistics, then instead use make DEPS_GIT=Statistics when building Julia. The Statistics repo is in stdlib/Statistics, and created initially with a detached HEAD. If you're doing this from a pre-existing Julia repository, you may need to make clean beforehand.