Julia's wrapper for libstemmer
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The SnowballStemmer.jl package extracts the stemmer functionality of the TextAnalysis.jl package, which is also a wrapper for libstemmer. The idea is to expose the stemming functions without forcing your programs to follow the interfaces of TextAnalysis.jl.


The TextAnalysis package can be installed using Julia's package manager:

julia> Pkg.clone("")

you may also need to build the internal libraries


Getting Started

Just import the stemmer package and you are ready to work.

julia> using SnowballStemmer    	

Listing the available stemmers (supported languages)

julia> stemmer_types()
16-element Array{AbstractString,1}:

A stemmer is initialized as follows:

julia> s = Stemmer("spanish")

Then, use the stem function over each word

julia> [stem(s, text) for text in split("las casas de colores estan sobre las colinas")]
8-element Array{String,1}:

As you may noticed, there is no integrated tokenizer; for most complex cases, you may create your own tokenizers, for simple cases you can use just regular expressions.

The following is an example of use for an English sentence:

julia> e = Stemmer("english")
SnowballStemmer.Stemmer(Ptr{Void} @0x00007fcbb253c6c0, "english", "UTF_8")

julia> [stem(e, x.match) for x in eachmatch(r"\w+", "browsing and searching are not equivalent; however, no body cares... surprised?")]
11-element Array{String,1}:

Advanced manipulation of text

This package only provides stemming facilities. More advanced functionality can be found in TextAnalysis.jl or TextModel.jl.

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