Utilities for generating gifs of POMDPs
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Utilities for generating gifs of POMDPs.jl models.


In the julia REPL:

import Pkg; Pkg.add("POMDPGifs")


Currently, there are two utilities:

  • A GifSimulator to be used with the simulate function.
  • A makegif convenience function to (1) run a simulation and create a gif, or (2) create a gif from a model.


GifSimulator(kwargs...). Create a simulator for producing a gif output by calling POMDPModelTools.render at each step.

Keyword Arguments

  • filename::String=tempname()*".gif"
  • fps::Int=2: frames per second
  • spec::Any: specification for which elements of a step to render (see POMDPSimulators.eachstep)
  • max_steps::Int=nothing
  • rng::AbstractRNG=GLOBAL_RNG
  • show_progress::Bool
  • extra_initial::Bool if set to true, the simulator adds an extra step at time 0 (before first transition)
  • extra_final::Boll if set to true, the simulator adds an extra setp at the end (after the last transition)
  • render_kwargs: keyword args to be fed to POMDPModelTools.render


makegif(m; kwargs...)
makegif(m, policy; kwargs...)
makegif(m, policy, args...; kwargs...)

Create a gif of a single simulation of a POMDP or MDP by calling POMDPModelTools.render at each step.


  • m::Union{POMDP,MDP}: the model to be simulated

All other positional arguments, for instance a policy, updater, initial state, etc. will be fed to the simulate function. See POMDPSimulators documentation for more info.

Keyword Arguments All keyword arguments are fed to the GifSimulator constructor. See its documentation for more info.