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Nucleotide_Essentials.jl is a collection of tools for working with Illumina next-generation sequencing reads currently under development and testing.


Active development is still underway but the most current version can be downloaded from the REPL using:

The package is registered in the General registry and so can be installed at the REPL with:

] add Nucleotide_Essentials

Current Functions:

  • readFastq - Import a .fastq file into Julia
  • readFasta - Import a .fasta file into Julia
  • writeFasta - Write a .fasta or .fasta.gz to file
  • FilterQuality_se - Filter single-ended Illumina reads
  • FilterQuality_pe - Filter paired-end Illumina reads
  • FastqtoFasta - Convert a .fastq file or FastqRecord to a FastaRecord
  • potential_mismatches - Create a list of potential mismatch barcodes (mutations + deletions)
  • demultiplex_se - Demultiplex single-end Illumina reads
  • demultiplex_pe - Demultiplex paired-end Illumina reads
  • PlotQuality - Visualize quality of .fastq file

For bug fixes, new features, and future suggestions, open an issue!

Full documentation can be found at here