Efficient Handling of Trajectories with User Defined Named Components
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NamedTrajectories.jl is a package for working with trajectories of named variables. It is designed to be used with QuantumCollocation.jl and IterativeLearningControl.jl.


This package is under active development and issues may arise -- please be patient and report any issues you find!


NamedTrajectories.jl is now registered! Install with

using Pkg


Users can define NamedTrajectory types which have lots of useful functionality. For example, you can access the data by name or index. In the case of an index, a KnotPoint is returned which contains the data for that timestep.

using NamedTrajectories

# define number of timesteps and timestep
T = 10
dt = 0.1

# build named tuple of components and data matrices
components = (
    x = rand(3, T),
    u = rand(2, T),

# build trajectory
traj = NamedTrajectory(components; timestep=dt, controls=:u)

# access data by name
traj.x # returns 3x10 matrix of x data
traj.u # returns 2x10 matrix of u data

z1 = traj[1] # returns KnotPoint with x and u data

z1.x # returns 3 element vector of x data at timestep 1
z1.u # returns 2 element vector of u data at timestep 1 # returns data as 5x10 matrix
traj.names # returns names as tuple (:x, :u)

# simple build in plotting

This script generates the following plot as demonstrated in demo.ipynb


See plotting function in plotting.jl for more details.

Documentation coming soon!