Standardized API for multivariate polynomial bases based on the MultivariatePolynomials.jl API.
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Multivariate Bases

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This package provides a standardized API for multivariate polynomial bases based on the MultivariatePolynomials API.

It defines the following basis:

  • FixedPolynomialBasis: A polynomial basis described by a list of polynomials.
  • Monomial bases: MonomialBasis and ScaledMonomialBasis.
  • Orthogonal bases:
    • Hermite bases: ProbabilistsHermiteBasis and PhysicistsHermiteBasis.
    • LaguerreBasis.
    • Gegenbauer bases:
      • LegendreBasis.
      • Chebyshev bases: ChebyshevBasisFirstKind and ChebyshevBasisSecondKind

See the documentation for more details.


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