PAGE-2020 - a Julia implementation of the PAGE Integrated Assessment Model
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PAGE-2020 - Open-Source Repository for the PAGE-2020 Integrated Assessment Model

PAGE-2020 (Policy Analysis of Greenhouse Effect, v. 2020) is a cost-benefit Integrated Assessment Model. It builds upon the PAGE-ICE model, developed by Yumashev et al. (2019).

The most up-to-date publication for the PAGE-2020 model is Jarmo et al. (2021). The social cost of carbon dioxide under climate-economy feedbacks and temperature variability. ERL. https://iopscience.iop.org/article/10.1088/1748-9326/ac1d0b

Reproduction data and scripts for that paper are available at https://zenodo.org/record/5417548.

The main advancements for the PAGE-2020 are:

  • Extended and corrected SSP data
  • Improved market damages, based on Burke et al. (2015).
  • Partial growth feedbacks
  • Optional annual timesteps and variability

Getting started

For software requirements, installation instructions, and basic usage, see the Getting started page.

Information on computing an SCC in PAGE-2020 is available in the Calculating the Social Cost of Carbon page.

Running the Model

It is highly recommended to read the Mimi documentation first to understand the code structure. For starter code on running the model just once, see the code in the file examples/main.jl.

In order to create a reproducible environment, you can move into the main directory of this repository, do

pkg> activate .
(MimiPAGE2020) pkg> instantiate
(MimiPAGE2020) pkg> up

which should first install the correct package dependencies, and then up forces compatibility.

Running the model can be done in several ways, for instance from the root of the directory by doing:

julia> include("src/runpage.jl")

More documentation

More documentation is available under the docs directory.

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