A minimum Luxor backended graph visualization package.
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June 2022


A minimum package for displaying a graph and configurations defined on graphs. It is the Luxor version of GraphPlot.

Install by typing using Pkg; Pkg.add("LuxorGraphPlot") in a julia REPL.

(NOTE: After implementing this package, I noticed there is a similar package with more features: LuxorGraphPlot is light weighted version targeting combinatorial optimization and lattice plots.)


Please check this notebook.

In a notebook or IDE with graphical display, use the following statements to show your graph.

julia> using LuxorGraphPlot, Graphs

julia> show_graph(smallgraph(:petersen); format=:svg)

Use the following statement to show a gallery

julia> show_gallery(smallgraph(:petersen), (2, 3); format=:png,
        vertex_configs=[rand(Bool, 10) for k=1:6],
        edge_configs=[rand(Bool, 15) for k=1:6], pad=0.5)