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Attention: We have decided to join forces with the Julia extension for VSCode. As such, this Atom-based plugin is effectively in “maintenance-only mode” and we expect to only work on bug fixes in the future.

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This package defines Juno's frontend API (to install Juno, follow the instructions here). It is aimed primarily at allowing package authors to:

  • Integrate with Juno's display system to define custom output for graphics and data structures
  • Take advantage of frontend features (like showing progress metres or asking for user input) with appropriate fallbacks in other environments

All while having only a small, pure Julia dependency (this package) as opposed to the entire Atom.jl tree.

Note for developers

If any method signature has been added/changed after you modify the code base, it's better to add test cases against it and then update the precompilation file using SnoopCompile.jl against the test script, so that we can obtain better first time invocation of those methods.

To update the precompilation file, you just need to run the following command:

at the root of this package directory

λ julia --project=. --color=yes scripts/generate_precompile.jl

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