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A package that provides a JSON integration with the Tables.jl interface, that is, it provides the jsontable function as a way to treat a JSON object of arrays, or a JSON array of objects, as a Tables.jl-compatible source. This allows, among other things, loading JSON "tabular" data into a DataFrame, or a JuliaDB.jl table, or written out directly as a csv file.

JSONTables.jl also provides two "write" functions, objecttable and arraytable, for taking any Tables.jl-comptabile source (e.g. DataFrame, CSV.File, etc.) and writing the table out either as a JSON object of arrays, or array of objects, respectively.

So in short:

# treat a json object of arrays or array of objects as a "table"
jtable = jsontable(json_source)

# turn json table into DataFrame
df = DataFrame(jtable)

# turn DataFrame back into json object of arrays

# turn DataFrame back into json array of objects