Extenstions to HDF5.jl
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Extensions to HDF5.jl

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using Pkg
pkg"add HDF5Utils"


using HDF5, HDF5Utils

Save data with 8-byte alignment for reading back later using mmap.

h5save("test.h5", Dict("x" => UInt8[0], "y" => Float64[0]))
h5open(tryreadmmap, "test.h5")

Convert String to MaxLenString to save space.

MLString{5}.(["a", "b"])

Save MaxLenString as HDF5's fixed size string.

h5save("test.h5", Dict("x" => MLString{5}["α" "β"; "γ" "δ"]))

Save NamedTuple as HDF5's compound.

h5save("test.h5", Dict("x" => [(a = 1, b = 1f0)]))

Concatenate datasets in multiple HDF5 files along a given dimension (-2 represents end - 1).

h5concat("concat.h5", repeat(["test.h5"], 100), dim = -2)