Flexible Image Transport System (FITS) file support for Julia
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Flexible Image Transport System (FITS) support for Julia

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Note: The Libcfitsio submodule has been moved to CFITSIO.jl and will be deprecated in a future release.


For more in-depth usage and examples, see the documentation

julia> using FITSIO

julia> f = FITS("file.fits")
File: file.fits
Mode: "w" (read-write)
HDUs: Num  Name  Type
      1          Image
      2          Table

julia> f[1]
File: file.fits
HDU: 1
Type: Image
Datatype: Float64
Datasize: (800, 800)

# read an image from disk
julia> data = read(f[1]);  

# read just a subset of image
julia> data = read(f[1], :, 790:end);  

# Get info about binary table
julia> f[2]
File: file.fits
HDU: 2
Type: Table
Rows: 20
Columns: Name  Size  Type    TFORM  
         col2        String  5A     
         col1        Int64   1K     

# Read a column from the table:
 julia> data = read(f[2], "col1")

# Read the entire header into memory
julia> header = read_header(f[1]);

julia> header["NAXIS1"]  # get value by keyword

julia> header[4]  # get value by position

# Read single keys into memory
julia> read_key(f[1], 4) # by position
("NAXIS1",800,"length of data axis 1")

julia> read_key(f[1], "NAXIS1") # by keyword
(800,"length of data axis 1")

# write data to file
julia> FITS("new_file.fits", "w") do f
           write(f, data)