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Provides transcoding codecs for compression and decompression with LZ4. Source: LZ4 The compression algorithm is similar to the compression available through Blosc.jl, but uses the LZ4 Frame format as opposed to the standard LZ4 or LZ4_HC formats.

Codecs for the standard LZ4 and LZ4_HC formats are also provided as LZ4FastCompressor and LZ4HCCompressor. These codecs follow the LZ4 streaming examples, breaking the data into blocks and prepending each compressed block with a size. Data compressed with these codecs can be decompressed with LZ4SafeDecompressor.

Non-streaming functions are included via lz4_compress, lz4_hc_compress, and lz4_decompress. These should work with most other standard lz4 implementations.




using CodecLz4

# Some text.
text = """
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Aenean sollicitudin
mauris non nisi consectetur, a dapibus urna pretium. Vestibulum non posuere
erat. Donec luctus a turpis eget aliquet. Cras tristique iaculis ex, eu
malesuada sem interdum sed. Vestibulum ante ipsum primis in faucibus orci luctus
et ultrices posuere cubilia Curae; Etiam volutpat, risus nec gravida ultricies,
erat ex bibendum ipsum, sed varius ipsum ipsum vitae dui.

# Streaming API.
stream = LZ4FrameCompressorStream(IOBuffer(text))
for line in eachline(LZ4DecompressorStream(stream))

# Array API.
compressed = transcode(LZ4FrameCompressor, text)
@assert sizeof(compressed) < sizeof(text)
@assert transcode(LZ4FrameDecompressor, compressed) == Vector{UInt8}(text)

The API is heavily based off of CodecZLib, and uses TranscodingStreams.jl. See those for details.

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