A Julia Interface to BasicLU
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A Julia Interface to BasicLU

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How to cite

If you use BasicLU.jl in your work, please cite using the format given in CITATION.bib.

How to install

julia> ]
pkg> add BasicLU
pkg> test BasicLU


BasicLU implements a sparse LU factorization and an update method that maintains the factorization after column changes to the matrix. It is intended for use in simplex-type algorithms and has been tailored to hypersparse linear programming problems. It provides routines for solving linear systems with a dense or sparse right-hand side. BasicLU can be also used to compute a maximum volume basis and the row deficiency of a m-by-n matrix A.

Custom Installation

Note: BasicLU is already precompiled with Yggdrasil for all platforms.

To use your custom BasicLU, set the environment variable JULIA_BASICLU_LIBRARY_PATH to point to the folder holding the basicLU shared libraries before using BasicLU.

The JULIA_BASICLU_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable may be set permanently in the shell's startup file, or in $HOME/.julia/config/startup.jl.

Bug reports and discussions

If you think you found a bug, feel free to open an issue. Focused suggestions and requests can also be opened as issues. Before opening a pull request, start an issue or a discussion on the topic, please.

If you want to ask a question not suited for a bug report, feel free to start a discussion here. This forum is for general discussion about this repository and the JuliaSmoothOptimizers organization, so questions about any of our packages are welcome.

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