A simple framework for ANOVA on various types of Julia statistical models
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AnovaBase.jl is a Julia package providing a simple framework for Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) on various types of Julia statistical models. It is similar to function anova in R.


This package is not intentded to be used directly. Use the following packages for different models:

Packages for models Packages for ANOVA Models Fitted by
GLM.jl AnovaGLM.jl TableRegressionModel{<: LinearModel} GLM.lm or fit(LinearModel, _)
TableRegressionModel{<: GeneralizedLinearModel} GLM.glm or fit(GeneralizedLinearModel, _)
MixedModels.jl AnovaMixedModels.jl LinearMixedModel AnovaMixedModels.lme or fit(LinearMixedModel, _)
GeneralizedLinearMixedModel AnovaGLM.glme or fit(GeneralizedLinearMixedModel, _)
FixedEffectModels.jl AnovaFixedEffectModels.jl FixedEffectModel AnovaFixedEffectModels.lfe or FixedEffectModels.reg


  1. Implementation of Rao and Mallow's Cp.