Compute CAPE and tropical cyclone potential intensity using the Julia Language.
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This package implements the functions of Daniel Gilford's TCPyPI for the JuliaLanguage. This are widely used routines in the Tropical Cyclone community. I hope this helps widen the atmospheric science ecosystem for Julia.


This package is very lightweight and it is registered in the Julia General Registry so to install it in the Julia REPL just hit the ] key to enter Pkg mode, then type

Pkg> add TropicalCyclonePotentialIntensity


TropicalCyclonePotentialIntensity.jl has three main functions:

In here, tparcel, pparcel and rparcel are the temperature (in Kelvin), pressure (in hPa) and mixing ratio (kg/kg) of a parcel and tabs, r and pres are environmental profiles (should be equally sized arrays).


get_potential_intensity_of_tropical_cyclone(tparcel, pparcel, pres, tabs, r)



This package uses Unitful.jl to manage units. We recommend to use TropicalCyclonePotentialIntensity.jl with unitful quantities to help maintain your results consistent, although it should run without real numbers as well.

Package under development

This package is under development by Argel Ramírez Reyes. It is definitely not perfect. Bugs are expected as this has not been widely tested. Bug reports or collaborations are highly appreciated.

Cite as:

Ramírez Reyes, Argel. (2022). TropicalCyclonePotentialIntensity.jl (v0.2.0). Zenodo.

Based on

Gilford, D. M., 2021: pyPI (v1.3): Tropical Cyclone Potential Intensity Calculations in Python. Geoscientific Model Development, 14, 2351–2369,

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