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This package contains definitions for common functions that are useful for symbolic expression manipulation. This package is a simplified fork of TermInterface.jl

The Interface

You should define the following methods for an abstract syntax tree to implement SyntaxInterface.jl


Check if x represents an expression tree. If returns true, it will be assumed that operation(::T) and arguments(::T) methods are defined.


Returns the operation, or head, performed by an expression tree node. If x represents a function call, for example, the head might represent the function being called. Called only if istree(::T) is true.


Returns the arguments, or children, to an expression tree node. Called only if istree(x) is true.

In addition, the methods for Base.hash and Base.isequal should also be implemented by the types for the purposes of substitution and equality matching respectively.

similarterm(x::T, f, args)

Construct a new term with the operation f and arguments args, the term should be similar to x in type. If not specified, the result is computed as f(args...). This method helps avoid splatting. To define this method for your term type, define similarterm(::Type{<:T}, ...).

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