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This (Pkg & DrWatson) project contains a reproducible Julia project named StatisticsWithJuliaPlutoNotebooks.

The code base is directly derived from an upcoming book Statistics with Julia by Yoni Nazarathy and Hayden Klok.

For a good while I have been looking for a great statistics book using Julia as an introductory text to StatisticalRethinking and I believe the first five chapters of this book are exactly that.

As StatisticalRethinking v3 will be based on projects (e.g. StatisticalRethinkingStan or StatisticalRethinkingTuring) and use Pluto notebooks, I have converted the book's listings in the first four chapters to Pluto Notebooks. Clearly, Julia code and statistical explanations are only available in the Statistics With Julia book.

From chapter 4 onwards, Statistical Rethinking follows the Bayesian approach while Statistics With Julia opts mostly for the frequentist view (see section 5.7). The corresponding material in chapters 5 and 6 of Statistics With Julia is covered in the early chapters of the StatisticalRethinkingStan and StatisticalRethinkingTuring projects.


Note: A few scripts in chapter 4 will require R to be installed. See here.

To (locally) reproduce and use this project, do the following:

  1. Download above project from Github, e.g.:
$ git clone
  1. In the Julia REPL:
julia> cd("path/to/cloned/project")
pkg> activate .
pkg> instantiate

Use ']' to activate Pkg mode in the Julia REPL and 'delete' to exit Pkg mode.

  1. Start a Pluto notebook server.
julia> using Pluto

By default the Pluto server uses port 1234 and will start a new page in your browser using to http://localhost:1234/....


Notebooks are stored by chapter. Each notebook contains a single listing from the book and activates the project StatisticsWithJuliaPlutoNotebooks.

I deviated from the naming scheme used in the book as I feel it is easier to find code snippets using the listing numbering, e.g. listing3-07.jl.