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Snappy - A fast compressor/decompressor

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Snappy.jl is a Julia wrapper for the snappy library - a compression/decompression library focusing on speed.

High-level Interfaces

The Snappy module exports only two functions:

  • compress(input::Vector{UInt8}) -> compressed::Vector{UInt8}
  • uncompress(input::Vector{UInt8}) -> uncompressed::Vector{UInt8}.

These functions are self-explanatory and works as such (hence, always satisfies uncompress(compress(input)) == input for any input).

Low-level Interfaces

If you dig into the module, you will find the following lower-level functions:

  • snappy_compress(input::Vector{UInt8}, compressed::Vector{UInt8}) -> (length, status)
  • snappy_uncompress(compressed::Vector{UInt8}, uncompressed::Vector{UInt8}) -> (length, status)
  • snappy_max_compressed_length(source_length::UInt) -> length
  • snappy_uncompressed_length(compressed::Vector{UInt8}) -> (length, status)
  • snappy_validate_compressed_buffer(compressed::Vector{UInt8}) -> status.

These functions have one-to-one correspondance to the C-APIs and are very thin wrappers of them, so you can consult the "snappy-c.h" header file for the documentation. Moreover, even though these functions are not exported by default, you can assume that they are stable as long as the original C-APIs are stable.

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