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Install with

using Pkg
pkg"add SimpleMatch"

and load it

using SimpleMatch

which gives you access to the one and only macro of this package @match.


With match you can define local dispatch, i.e. you can rewrite

myhelperfunctionname(a::Int) = a + 2
myhelperfunctionname(a::String) = a * "!"
myhelperfunctionname("hi")  # "hi!""


@match("hi") do f
  f(a::Int) = a + 2
  f(a::String) = a * "!"
# "hi!""

You get full standard dispatch but don't have to care any longer about how to name your intermediate function. Just name it f always. The do-syntax guarantees that this is a local function which cannot interfere at all.

Of course you can also dispatch on values using standard Val. E.g. very useful when working with Base.Expr

expr = :(function dummy end)
a = expr.head
@match(Val(a)) do f
  f(::Val{:function}) = "a function definition"
  f(::Val{:(=)}) = "maybe another function definition"

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As the name suggests, this is a super minimal version of inline matching. I think it especially useful because of its simplicity. It won't give you any heavy dependency (excluding documentation the @match macro is only 15 lines long).

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