Wrapper for the Silo file format in Julia
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What is this repository for?

  • Wrapper for the Silo file format (version 4.10.2) in Julia, generated using Clang.jl.

  • Though I will continue to update this when I have time and interest, the very basic use case (in terms of high-level functionality) exemplified in the code and tests is typical for my needs. I welcome the extension of this package to the package's full generality on the high-level interface. Though it hasn't been extensively tested, the C-level wrappers output by Clang.jl should work fine for any "advanced" functionality you need from silo.

  • v0.2.0

How do I get set up?

  • For installation/building of the silo library, BinDeps.jl. package is required.

  • To contribute, please make an issue or pull request. As a general guideline, modifications or additional low-level wrappers can be added to libsilo.jl. High-level wrappers go in the appropriate file(s).

Who do I talk to?


  • [0.x.0]

    • Windows support
    • Julia v0.6+ support
  • [1.0.0]

    • High-level Silo writing for more objects
    • High-level Silo reading for more objects
    • Full support for standard options used in library